Black Friday Cyber Monday Fitness Equipment Sales

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Fitness Equipment Sale –

Elliptical Trainers, Exercise Bikes, Home Gym Equipment, Rowing Machines, Treadmills and More

Cyber Monday sales are what most of us look forward to most of the year to pick out our new elliptical trainers.
This year fitness product manufacturers and distributors have gone all out to give you, the consumer incredible deals. You will also find home fitness equipment in all price ranges – from a no frill budget machine to one with all the latest features.

Although this is a site primarily about elliptical trainers, I have also added information on sales for other pieces of home fitness equipment. This way if you have a friend or family member who is looking for a different piece of equipment you can help them out.

On a few of the links below you will see that it goes to the main page of the site which will then show you their best deals.  You can visit the site and take a look around and see which is the best deal for you. Sure saving xx amount on a particular elliptical trainer might sound like a great deal, but maybe it’s not the right elliptical  for you. You can compare models and features, along with the prices and make a better, more informed decision on your purchase.

I hope that you find this a better, more thought out way of shopping. Don’t rush through your decision and you’ll purchase a fitness product that you will be satisfied for many year to come.

The added plus of shopping from home is that you can shop without the crowds, without a sales person looking over your shoulder rushing you to make a decision and you can also compare many different models at one time. You also don’t get caught up with the excitement of shopping and rushing so your purchase is more of what you has in mind. With the features that you need.
You can also check out the product warranties – this is one area that you normally can’t check while in a store – but online this information is readily available and easy to understand.

Read all the details, make a product comparison chart (comparing two or three of your preferred models) and see which one has the most features that you both want and need. Remember that you’ll be using for fitness equipment for quite a long time so look for one that will be able to help you reach your health and fitness goals.





A great place to shop for Fitness Equipment is the Amazon Fitness Storeexercise equipment, fitness trackers at Amazon.

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Getting In Shape With an Elliptical Trainer

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Since bursting on the fitness scene several years ago, millions of elliptical trainers have been installed in health clubs and homes. Elliptical cross-trainers are the only real breakthrough aerobic product of the past few years,” says Gregory Florez, spokesman for the American Council on Exercise (ACE). “They are absolutely not a gimmick.”

According to the American Sports Data, Inc., “the elliptical motion trainer, continued to grow in popularity, with 6.2 million users in 2000, up from 2.4 million when first measured in 1997.”

Elliptical trainers combine the natural stride treadmill and the simplicity of a stair climber. On an Elliptical trainer, you stand comfortably in an upright position while holding onto the machine’s handrails and striding in either a forward or reverse motion.

What makes a trainer unique is the ability to offer a weight bearing workout that puts minimal stress on the joints. Your feet never leave the pedals of an elliptical trainer, thereby eliminating any impact in your workout. Whether you go forward or reverse, and regardless of the level of resistance, there is a reduced risk of injury from overusing any one-muscle group.

Weight bearing exercises like running, hiking and aerobics benefits the body in ways that non-weight bearing exercises like rowing and cycling cannot. Weight resistant workouts builds bone density and burns calories more efficiently.

For individuals trying to burn calories and trim down, the weight-bearing arm/leg exercise optimizes energy expenditure during self-selected exercise of moderate intensity in overweight subjects. In recent studies it was concluded that energy expenditure among overweight subjects was higher on the elliptical machine than a treadmill, or leg cycles with and without upper body motion. For overweight individuals who are initiating a regular exercise program to decrease excess body fat, they will find that elliptical treadmills optimize energy expenditure.

Elliptical Motion

The low impact, intensive cardiovascular workout of an elliptical trainer is achieved through smooth and natural motion. The fluid, non-jarring motion makes the elliptical trainer ideal for anyone with back, knee, hips and joint problems. The dual action machines utilize both the legs and arm in providing a full upper and lower body workout.

Motion studies over the last decade show that the human foot moves through an elliptical pattern as we walk, run or jog. Fitness products that imitate and support this motion are the fastest growing new category of cardiovascular equipment.

With scarce time, a major factor in people’s daily lives, total body exercise can be truly beneficial. A total body exercise machine meets three goals that are most desired – weight loss, time efficiency, and motivation.

Total Body Exercise involves more muscle mass in an aerobic exercise activity. For the average person, the larger the muscle mass involved in exercise, the more effective that exercise is for improving fat mobilization, burning calories and building muscle endurance in an efficient period of time, and at a reduced perceived rate of exertion. The upper and lower body workout of a trainer utilizes the quadriceps. hamstrings, glutes, chest, back, triceps and biceps.

Elliptical Technology

Within the fitness industry, “Elliptical Technology” has become the generic name for devices that incorporate the various linkages/mechanisms in an effort to create a preferred pattern of movement for a pair of foot pedals. The shape of this preferred movement is intended to mimic the natural path of the ankle, knee and hip joints experience during locomotion – walking, striding, jogging and/or running.

In its most rudimentary form, Elliptical Technology consists of a crank arm (similar to the crank of a bicycle) that revolves around an axis at one end and that is attached to a bar at the other. The opposite end of the bar moves in a reciprocating, linear pattern when the crank rotates. Since one end of the bar rotates in a circular pattern while the other moves linearly, points between the two ends of the bar move in elliptical patterns. The points of the bar closest to the crank move in wider, more circular ellipses (closest to a circle) and the points closest to the other end move in thinner, flatter ellipses (closer to a straight line).

The most obvious advantage of Elliptical Technology is the lack of impact to the lower limbs and back. Unlike a treadmill in which the foot of the user is continuously lifted off of the running surface, striking that surface upon the return, the foot and foot pedal of an elliptical machine are in constant contact. Effectively eliminating impact.

Impact force is also felt on stairstepper devices. Although the foot often remains in contact with the foot pedal when such devices are used, the foot pedal undergoes a virtually instantaneous direction reversal. Essentially, the foot pedal is moving in one direction, must stop and then is pushed in the opposite direction. The force required to reverse the movement of the mechanism results in “impact” to the joints of the lower body.

The mechanism incorporated in an elliptical machine moves in a smooth, continuous motion and does not suffer the effects of direction reversal. The exercise experienced on elliptical machines is weight bearing (versus exercise bikes) which has ramification in the inhibition of the onset of osteoporosis.

In addition, although cycling is a well-recognized and safe tool to improve cardiovascular conditioning, the elliptical modality is a more functional pattern of movement. Since ellipticals simulate a natural walking pattern, they easily lend themselves to an upper body component of exercise. Many other devices, either due to their mechanical structure (treadmills) or the pattern (cycling) do not readily adapt to a total body configuration.

The various manufacturers of elliptical machines have developed many iterations of this basic technology. As a result, the field is full of machines that have a different “feel” – the articulation of the ankle, knee and hip is different. The true nature of Elliptical Technology has been somewhat obscured by the preponderance of these questionable devices. Many lack the design and mechanism to duplicate a fluid, natural motion. As with all forms of exercise equipment, there are cheap versions that offer negligible physical benefits.

Due to the natural motion, combined with an upper and lower body workout, quality elliptical trainers will continue to grow in popularity and their sales will substantially increase. They appeal to a population that is increasingly overweight and looking for an optimum workout for burning fat and calories. Elliptical trainers also appeal to an aging population that seeks a total body workout, minus the impact.

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The Unsurpassable Flexibility of Elliptical Exercise Machines

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Elliptical exercise machines are best known for their capacity to burn higher amounts of calories while being friendly on the user’s muscles and joints.

These machines provide a total body workout which no other machine can deliver.  The satisfied users range from professional runners, weightlifters, martial artists, and even neophyte exercise buffs.  elliptical trainers

The reason why practically everyone can make use of elliptical exercise equipment is that it is highly flexible.  With its adjustable controls, even a person with the least technical know-how will be able to operate this machine.

A person who is out to conduct a normal workout can spend about 30 minutes on his elliptical equipment before going through his main exercise regimen.  Beyond the thirty minutes, he can already do his heavy squats and other routines.

For martial artists who need to warm up before they perform any exercise, all they have to do is to increase the speed of the elliptical trainer and they are set to have a 5-minute warm-up.

Sparring sessions can sometimes cause injuries this is why it is important for the martial artist to remain loose.  If injured, the elliptical exercise machines can also help in achieving a speedy recovery by making the muscles loose and flexible during warm-ups.

The standard elliptical trainer is often manufactured to support at least 175 pounds.  If you are a weightlifter who wants to maximize everything, then you should look for a high grade elliptical trainer which can support more than 300 pounds.
These types are, of course, more durable and stable and they also allow you to complete a more intense workout.

When it comes to controllability, elliptical exercise machines can be made to simulate activities that are as simple as walking or as complex as uphill climbing.

Since it works elliptically, then the machines produce less impact on joints.  With a single push on a button, you can shift from simple running to stair climbing in just a matter of seconds.

From a lower body exercise, the routine would then advance to a total body workout.  As opposed to the treadmill which simply exercises the lower part of the body, the elliptical machine achieves more by sculpting the body muscles while burning fat and calories.

As with other exercise equipment in the market, elliptical exercise machines should only be bought when its quality and versatility are both assessed.  Features and accessories make up the right machine so take your time before shelling out your hard-earned money.

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Which Muscles Does an Elliptical Target During a Workout?

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While we have all heard how beneficial an elliptical trainer can be to our health, those who have not yet used an elliptical may not know which muscles the trainer focuses on and what other types of benefits that an elliptical workout can give you.

On this page we will highlight a few of the muscle areas and benefits that your workout will give you.

  • An elliptical trainer workout is a low impact cardio workout that is easy on your knees. While you are working out you will feel your heart rate rising and you will also find yourself breathing heavier as your workout progresses but unlike running, you won’t have the jarring impact that can strain knee joints and ligaments.
  • During your workout you will feel the muscles in your calves, thighs, glutes, lower abdomen, and ankles. If you use the hand grips you will also be working your upper body and will feel it in your arms, shoulders, across your back and in your chest.
  • If you elliptical has a power ramp that can incline or decline this will give each of the muscles mentioned above a bit of a different workout and you will find that it will give you a more rounded workout as it will work each muscle group in different positions.  Just like walking up or down a hill the incline change will also work your heart & lungs a bit more.
  • When you increase your elliptical’s resistance you will be building lean muscle while strengthening and toning your muscle groups.

To find out how an elliptical can benefit you and help you reach your fitness goals watch this short and informative video.

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How Many Calories Are Burned on an Elliptical Trainer

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So how many calories can you burn while using an elliptical?

The elliptical is getting more and more popular since elliptical calories burned in a 10 minute period of time is close to 100 calories.  You can burn a higher amount of calories in a small amount of time and the workout is fairly easy.  An elliptical is an exercise machine that is a mixture of running and stair climbing which glides with every stride.      how many calories are burned on an elliptical trainer

Burning calories on an elliptical is easier than doing other exercises since it improves your heart and lung function.

The elliptical is an aerobic exercise machine, which focuses on improving your heart and respiratory health.  When you work your heart muscle and your lungs during rigorous exercise, like what the elliptical provides, your heart is better conditioned and your body can handle other exercises easier. When you work out your lungs become stronger and can deliver more oxygen to your body making workouts easier, more effective and more calories are burned.

When you have an easier time exercising, your body can handle higher intensity workouts and longer workouts.  The higher the intensity level the more calories your body will burn.  And the longer you can endure a high intensity workout the calories are burned even faster.
To keep your body working out at such a high intense level it requires a lot of fuel.  So your body will rely on calories to fuel the workout.  To keep going for long duration it requires even more calories and will help aid in losing weigh faster.

If you choose to exercise on an elliptical for 10 minutes, you can easily burn 80 to 100 calories depending on how rigorous the exercise is and if you have a incline ramp on your elliptical. With an incline ramp ( some elliptical trainer companies call these “power ramps” you can burn up to 40% more than if your elliptical workout was not inclined.

Elliptical calories burned in a 15 minutes period for the average person is about 100 to 150 calories.  To maximize how many calories you can burn on an elliptical, you need to try to glide your legs as fast as you can.  The faster and harder you work the higher the rewards.

When you use an elliptical properly the amount of calories burned gets higher.  Many people tend to put their weight on your arms.  Changing your posture so that the majority of your weight is on your legs and using your arms for balance uses more calories and allows the workout to be more effective.

The elliptical will help you to condition your heart and lungs giving you the freedom to workout longer and more rigorously.  The elliptical calories burned will fly off when you work out for at least 15 minutes and to get the most benefit try to workout at least 25 minutes.

Want to burn even more calories while on your elliptical? Try interval training.

With interval training you will work out at your maximum speed for 2-3 minutes, then slow it up for a few minutes, then increase your speed again.  Repeat this cycle during your workout.
These short little bursts of power will help you burn more calories, burn more fat and increase your cardiovascular endurance.
Just remember not to go over your targeted heart rate zone and do this only once you are physically fit to do so.

You can also adjust the intensity (resistance) to vary with your workout to burn more fat.

Like with any exercise program or workout you should always get the ok, from your doctor before using your elliptical trainer.
Once you get the ok, you’ll be burning off those excess pounds.

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