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FreeMotion Freestrider S58 Elliptical For Long Legs

October 4th, 2009

Want an elliptical but you have long legs? If your currently using an elliptical that has an 18 or 20″ stride you know that your legs don’t get the workout that they should.

You want to stretch out and really feel the stretch from your ankles all the way up through your butt. However, if you are using an elliptical that has a stride length that is too short for your height, you’ll never feel the full workout.

The FreeMotion Freestrider S58 has an adjustable stride that goes all the way up to 35″.  That’s about 15″ longer than most ellipticals. And what’s really nice is that you can also adjust the stride to go shorter, so if you have 2 users in the house each user can adjust it for their personal preference.

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Although the stride length is long, the foot print on this elliptical is small (57in L x 27in W x 68in H).

There are 20 levels of resistance that you can change with a quick push of a button. There are 8 preset stride workouts and 8 body zone workouts and the FreeMotion Freestrider S58 elliptical is iFt compatible with the use of an SD card.

When working out you can choose to use the hand rails or for an increased cardio workout use the moving arms for an upper and lower body workout. The combined action will also help you to burn more calories during your workout.

If you are tall or have a tall elliptical user in your family see what a difference a 35″ stride length can make.

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